Welcome to all Tromsø Visitors.

Tromsø Visitors AS idea is to offer a selected Experiences that gives you the best what Tromsø region has to offer, either it is at sea or land based experience, summer or winter.

Our selected partners are local providers who has the best Knowledge about our area, and mostly small groups activities. Almost all activity is at easy level and family friendly. If you prefer more moderate to extreme level acticity, please Contact us.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to book and then just start dreaming about your magic experience in the Arctic Northern Norway, Tromsø

We have some discounted tours:

  • Book 2 tours and get 5% discount

  • Book 3 tours and get 7% discount

  • Book 4 tours and get 10% discount

Note: See our menu what nice tours you can choose between.

After booking is done we will immediatly refund 5-7-10% of total price. You will get the refunded amount on your bank account within 2-4 days.

Our Vision is to give your more than a dream experince, that lasts a lifetime.

Our values are courtesy, honesty and joy.

Our logo is inspired by the Tromsø city weapon - the reindeer. The reindeer is the main in the sami culture representing the magic nature and wilderness in our area.

It shall be easy to visit Tromsø, and it is easy to book your life time experience.

Welcome to Tromsø.


The Reindeer in our logo

Inspired from the Sami coulture and Tromsø City Weapon